• US G (4mm) crochet hook
  • 200 – 250 grams of DK weight
  • yarn (11 wpi) (744 – 930 yards)
  • sequins or small beads
  • embroidery needle
  • yarn needle

The designated amount of yarn is vague because it will be dependent on the size of your granny squares (see sizing info on Page 3). I used 4 skeins 200 g/740 yards to make a sweater constructed from squares 22″ x 22″ in size. Add an extra skein for roughly every additional 3″ in square size after this:

  • 23″- 25″ squares = 5 skeins
  • 26″-28″ squares = 6 skeins

You can use beads instead of sequins for the collar detail (or forgo entirely), In which case you will need to pre-string your yarn accordingly.


ch- chain

sc- single crochet

dc- double crochet

fpdc- front-post double crochet

bpdc- back-post double crochet

Sweater Front/Back

Make 2 Granny Squares of equal size, determined using this formula: Take your waist measurement + 16 inches (40 cm), then divide by 2. For example, in my case, adding 16″ to my waist measurement of 28″ is 44″. I divided that by 2 and made each square to be 22″ x 22″

Row 1: ch 3, make 2 dc in 3 ch from hook, ch 2, make 3 dc in same sp, ch 2, make 3 dc in same sp, ch 2, make 3 dc in same sp, ch 2, sl st to join in top of starting ch.

Row 2: ch 3, make 2 dc in same sp as ch, *ch 1, sk 1 ch sp, 3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc in same sp* repeat between *s 2 more times, ch, sk 1 ch sp, 3 dc in next sp, ch 2, sl st to join into 3rd ch of start.

Rows 3 – ? : repeat rows 2 and 3 as needed around until squares reach determined size. Finish off.

Remember to make 3 dc in each edge ch sp, and 2 sets of 3 dc in each corner 2 ch sp

Attach the squares using a whip stitch:

Attach Front/Back Squares

1. Overlay the granny squares so that right sides are facing.

2. Select one side to be the top, where the neckline will be Sew 3” in from each end of the top edge to create what will become the shoulders. You should have an 16″ opening for the neckline.

3. Starting at the very bottom of one side (opposite the neckline), sew along the edge until you have left a 6″ hole for your arm. That said- you can make the arm holes larger or smaller as needed for your desired fit. Repeat on the other side


With right sides together, insert hook into the top of the first space located at the base of one arm hole. You will create the sleeve by crocheting into the granny square stitches around the arm opening only.

We will be continuing the granny square pattern, only now in the round.

Row 1: ch 4, *dc 3 in next ch sp, ch 1, repeat from * around. When you reach the starting 4 ch, make 2 dc into the space, then sl st into the 3rd ch to join

Row 2: repeat row 1

Row 3: ch 1, sc around

Row 4: repeat row 3

Repeat on second side. For longer sleeves, repeat row 2 as desired before finishing rows 3 and 4


Turn sweater inside out.

Insert hook into the top of the sweater at one of the side seams where you have sewn to create the shoulders. Again, you will be crocheting into the edge of the granny square.

String sequins onto the yarn until you have about 6 inches strung, when they are pressed together. Use an embroidery needle to help with this step

Row 1: ch 1, Sc around into the dc/ch sts of neckline, sliding 1-2 sequins in between each stitch.

Rows 2-5: Sc around

Finish off.

Bottom Trim

Turn fabric right side out so that the right sides are facing out. Insert hook into the bottom of the sweater at one of the side seams. Crochet into the st of the granny square.

Row 1: ch2, dc in each st around

Row 2: ch 2, *2 bpdc, 1 fp dc, repeat from * around

Row 3-4: repeat row 2, finish off.

The bpdc of rows 3 and 4 should align with those in row 2, this is what will give you the ridging. If you have to cheat to force this, I won’t judge, it is better than having the ridges be out of alignment


Make sure sweater is right side out. Choose a side to be the front.

You will create two tucks just under the bust, along where an empire waistline would fall. It actually helps to be wearing the sweater while you do this, so that you can maintain the symmetry.

Pinch a fold of the fabric 2″ in from the side seam, about 10.5″ up from the bottom of the sweater. Use your other hand to pinch another fold of the fabric 5″ in from the side seam, and 10.5″ up from the bottom. Sew to join the two folds then repeat on the second side

Flip sweater over

Find the center of the square. Pinch 2.5″ left and 2.5″ right of the center, then use yarn and yarn needle to join both of these folds.

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